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Nintendo Switch To Surpass Initial Sales of PS2 In Japan


Since the launch of Switch, last March, Nintendo has already sold about 2,988,399 units of the console in Japan, a little less than PS2. Given the success of the hybrid system, it is estimated that before the end of 2017 it will reach the mark of 3 million units sold on the Japanese island.

Of course, this implies to the great success of the Nintendo console. So that you have a more concrete idea of the data, Switch is about to surpass the initial sales of PS2 in Japan, considered to be the most successful console in history. This is due to its high sales levels, which reached almost 160 million consoles worldwide.


During its launch month, the new Nintendo console sold 524,371 units in Japan. During that same month, but of the year 2000, PlayStation 2 obtained the mark of 885,023 units. Although the Sony console performed better, over the following month’s the portable console had several times better sales than those recorded by PlayStation 2.

You can check the data by month and number of units sold at the top of the page. The first column corresponds to the sales of PlayStation 2 and the second to those of Switch.

During its first year in the Japanese market, the Sony console managed to sell a total of 3,016,622 units. So, Switch is only 28,223 systems to overcome the PlayStation 2 brand. It is estimated that it will do so before it reaches its first year, especially due to the arrival of the Christmas season.

Of course, this does not guarantee that Switch will surpass the worldwide sales of PlayStation 2. Currently, the Nintendo system has already sold 10 million units in all regions. The figure sounds quite small compared to the nearly 160 million of PlayStation 2. So, only the time and effort of Nintendo will say if Switch becomes the best selling console in history.