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Switch Has Sold More Than 700K Units in the UK Since Launch

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Positive data on the progress of the Nintendo Switch continues to emerge. Just think that in the UK alone, it has sold 700,000 units since launch, far exceeding the Wii U result in its entire life cycle.

Not a few if we consider that the Nintendo consoles have never had an easy life among the subjects of Queen Elizabeth. Another interesting fact is that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have sold, all together, more than one million copies.

The outstanding results given by Switch to the traditional market has also led to positive results for some retail stores such as GAME, which initially expected lower revenues.

On a purely digital level, Switch is a real colossus. In the first 279 days, 191 games were published, a figure that Wii U reached only after 857 days, ie almost 2 and a half years compared to less than 10 months.

The new hybrid console is even better than Wii, Nintendo’s last great success on the home console. The most obvious explanation, beyond the exclusive and third-party support, is the evident opening of Switch towards indie productions. The small productions are, in fact, proliferating on the hybrid console.

In short, although in the UK it is not a record-breaking console, Switch is doing very well anyway and its titles are attracting a wider audience than initially assumed.