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Analysts: Nintendo Switch Will Ship 110m Units and Will Achieve Wii’s Success

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It is a fact that Nintendo Switch has been a success in its first months; however, there are still many doubts about its long-term sales potential. While there are those who believe that it will not last much longer as the best-selling console, there are also experts who see it as a massive success. One of the latter is Morningstar, an analysis firm that thinks that Switch could achieve Wii’s success.

According to NASDAQ, the analysts Morningstar expects Nintendo to distribute 110 million Switch units in its life cycle. This is due to the fact that Nintendo has managed to overcome some of the shortage problems, in addition to that some households have acquired more than one Nintendo Switch. In addition, analysts were optimistic that several third-party companies have shown interest in supporting Switch, which could increase the number of units sold.

“Nintendo has succeeded in expanding its production capacity, and is now able to deliver more Switch consoles for the holiday season,” Morningstar experts said. “We expect to see more than one Switch terminal per household. As a result, we expect that this gaming cycle will be larger than most of Nintendo’s previous hardware cycles, replicating the success of the Nintendo Wii, which shipped 102 million units.”

It is important to note that Morningstar is not the first institution to talk about the possibility that Switch will reach Wii numbers. A few months ago, a senior manager of a major video game stores mentioned that the demand for the hybrid console was equal to or superior to that of the seventh generation console. That said, it’s not about anything but opinions, and there are still several challenges that Switch must overcome before selling more than 100 million units.

Nintendo Switch debuted in March and to date has sold more than 7.6 million units. Do you think that Nintendo Switch will manage to reach the success of Nintendo Wii? Tell us in the comments below.