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Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Dock Station Available for $99

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This Super Mario Odyssey Docking Station is custom made by using a 3D printing technique.

The Nintendo Switch has a lot of advantages as a console. Yet there is one disadvantage. If you want to connect the Nintendo Switch to your television, you have to use a docking station. Fortunately, there is a creative person who has transformed the Nintendo Switch dock into a Super Mario Odyssey docking station.

On the Etsy marketplace, a dock (obviously unofficial) appeared for Nintendo Switch dedicated to Super Mario Odyssey, modeled on the features of the ship used to move in the latest adventure of the Nintendo mascot.

Made of ABS with a 3D printer from SoulEaterGaming, the dock has space to accommodate the console, two Joy-Con, and an Amiibo, this is a limited production, each piece is hand painted with high-quality colors capable of ensuring a good gloss over time.

The product, which you can see in the image at the top of the news, is painted by hand and allows you to connect the console to the TV using an extension cable (included in the package) which is then connected to the official dock.

The store has offered the product for sale on the American market without the possibility of shipping to Europe. If you are interested you can buy the dock on Etsy at the price of $99, excluding shipping costs.
The high cost is due to the handmade nature of the object, produced to order in a few pieces. What do you think of this dock? Did you like it and thus buy it? Let us know in the comments below.