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Switch Could Have A Lifecycle of More Than 5-6 Years, Nintendo Says

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While there is no doubt that it is already a huge success for Nintendo, the Switch has a special status in the ecosystem of gaming consoles. Halfway between the portable and the living room machine, this little device could also see things differently in terms of the lifecycle.

Waiting to find out what Nintendo has in store for online services, Shigeru Miyamoto, the director of Nintendo, said he hoped that the lifecycle of Switch would exceed the canonical of five or six years.

The new console has already passed Wii U both in terms of sales and line-up, thanks to the extraordinary quality of the games released in 2017, but the comparison mentioned by Miyamoto obviously refers to the most successful platforms.

During a question and answer session with investors, Shigeru Miyamoto spoke about this important parameter. After recalling that the latest hybrid console of Big N was very different from what there is currently in the market, the man revealed that he hoped to make it hold more than the traditional 5-6 years:

“Up until now, the hardware lifecycle has trended at around five or six years, but it would be very interesting if we could prolong that life cycle, and I think you should be looking forward to that,” said the legendary Japanese game designer.

Subsequently, one of the company’s representatives made it clear that he was currently working with young developers to create fun and easy-to-use products. It is a very surprising decision, but should reassure consumers: we will not see a Nintendo Switch 2 before a long time.