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Report: Nintendo Switch Homebrew Launcher Will Be Available Soon

Very soon on Nintendo Switch, you will be able to run homebrew titles, a news that does not cause a particular sensation because already in the month of November it was clear that sooner or later it would be possible.

The hackers Plutoo, Derrek, and Naehrwert, at the 34C3 hacking conference held in Germany, have indeed confirmed that the Homebrew Launcher for Switch will soon be available and therefore on the hybrid console of Nintendo it will be possible to use unofficial apps.

According to the German convention, Nintendo has done a good job in its security system, but the weak point of Switch is the NVIDIA Tegra X1 chip which, being well known and documented, has allowed hackers to exploit a backdoor.

At the moment, however, Plutoo, Derrek and Naehrwert have not gone into details about when, in what way and with what content, the Homebrew Launcher will be made available, however, they stressed that the goal is not to encourage “piracy”, but to be able to exploit on the Switch some emulators and unofficial applications.

Keep in mind, however, that to use the software, the console must be equipped with firmware 3.0.0 and currently, the version of the operating system of Nintendo Switch is the 4.1 on which, at the moment, the Homebrew Launcher does not work.

So, those who own the latest firmware version will then have to wait for a possible flaw in the most recent system update, since it is not possible to downgrade the Nintendo Switch.

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