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Switch DS Leaked In Japan – A Hilarious Rumor

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Nintendo DS is a beautiful 32 bit-dual screen handheld gaming console that came out more than a decade ago and there was no new generation we had heard about recently. Nintendo Switch was the biggest leap by Nintendo which not only transformed the outlook of a portable gaming console but merged the feature of co-op play as well as a widescreen support into a small cute little box.

After Nintendo Switch, the house of Kyoto will probably not release a new console anytime soon, but a leak coming out from a Reddit user through a not so true-looking magazine shows that Nintendo still has some space to build a Switch DS.

This is truly a shocking leak, but we are taking this as a rumor and would like to share the same. The image that you can see at the top of the news shows a magazine with images of this weird looking DS console along with Nintendo Switch.

The image is so hilarious that you can clearly see a DS screen just moved on top of the existing Nintendo Switch to make it look like a Switch DS.

After the launch of Switch, Nintendo is completely looking to focus on its hybrid console and new titles coming this year. There is no doubt that the above is a prank and the poor Photoshop skills prove it to some extent.

What do you think, would you like to see a Switch DS or you are more than happy with the console of Nintendo Switch?