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Report: Nintendo Switch 64GB Game Cartridges Delayed To 2019

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The 64GB cartridges for Nintendo Switch will not arrive in 2018 and developers will have to wait until 2019 to be able to use more capacity of the physical media for their games.

The news was reported by the Wall Street Journal: it seems that Nintendo has delayed the arrival of the much-desired cartridges and the news was not particularly appreciated by some major software houses.

Some titles for Switch could, therefore, be at risk and not debut in 2018. The reason is very simple: currently, the maximum size of cartridges for the hybrid console of Nintendo reaches 32GB while Blu-ray discs used on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can store up to 50GB of data.

Most of Triple-A title’s cross-platform games are far from small, so third-party software houses may defer the release of their Switch versions of their titles, waiting for 64GB cartridges.

At the moment, Nintendo has not explained the reasons for the delay but it seems that the cause of the postponement is due to technical problems. At this point, all that remains is to wait for new information and hope that the software companies do not decide to delay the release of the upcoming games on Switch.

It is good to point out that this year many development teams, despite with the 32GB cartridges, have nevertheless managed to find solutions to bring their games to the Nintendo hybrid console.

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