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Swery’s next game will be “perverted, violent and crazy”


As some of you will recall, in January Swery65 (Hidetaka Suehiro) has founded White Owls, its new software company formed by a team of six people. The studio is working on a project which is not yet announced, and finally today the first details have emerged online.

During Reboot Develop 2017 in Croatia, the Japanese developer has affirmed to the microphones of Eurogamer that its next title will be “basically perverted, violent and crazy.”

It was also revealed that in one of the games that is in development ‘cats’ will be featured. A curious statement that does not clarify how many projects are currently in production.

During his sabbatical, Hidetaka became a Buddhist priest, but the call to the world of video games was evidently too strong, so as to push him to found a new company, White Owls, and to be already working on a new title.

In the past, Swery65 had hinted to be attracted to the virtual reality and it is possible that his next project will be linked to the VR.

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