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Superdata: Oculus Rift price cuts show a lack of confidence

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According to the words of Stephanie Llamas, head of VR/AR strategy at Superdata, the continuous price cuts applied to Oculus Rift may show a lack of confidence by the company, with the side effect of generating an unfavorable perception among potential buyers.

Oculus Rift Screenshot
Oculus Rift can not be called as a great success according to the various emerging sales data, and according to Superdata, continuous price cuts applied to the device could not profit, but rather to show a lack of confidence by the company and, in addition, it may lead potential buyers to question the reason for these constant price cut.


“By constantly cutting the device’s price, consumers are left with an unfavourable perception of the headset. If it’s that much cheaper than Vive, consumers are going to wonder why and how. The price cut may boost sales in the short-term but consumers are on a spectrum: those who want something that’s plug-and-play will likely go with PSVR whereas the invested and tech-savvy consumer is going to go for (or already has gone for) what is assumed to be the highest quality – the Vive,” says Stephanie Llamas.

“VR isn’t mature enough yet to cater to a diverse audience, so those who do know about it know which side of the spectrum they are on and aren’t lingering somewhere in the middle, especially considering most people don’t really understand what VR is,” added Llamas.

Oculus Rift headset and the Controller Oculus Touch will be available at the special price of 449 euro for a limited period.

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