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SuperData: Nintendo Switch to sell 5 million units during 2017

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SuperData Research today released a report on the Nintendo Switch sales forecast, and according to the company, the new console will sell 5 million units during 2017.

SuperData has prepared projections for sales of Nintendo Switch for the coming months. According to the research firm, the Japanese manufacturer will sell about 5 million consoles by the end of this year. The beginnings will be weak due to the high price of the console.

“Nintendo is gearing up for a slow-and-steady release of its new console,” SuperData said. “Launching much earlier in the year than its predecessors, we expect the Switch to initially appeal mostly to the loyal fanbase, before a broader, more mainstream audience adopts it.”

“The biggest challenge for Nintendo is to convince console gamers to purchase the Switch as a second device, as many have already committed to a PlayStation 4 (53.4 million install base, worldwide) or Xbox One (26 million),” added SuperData.

Also, SuperData believes that the growth of Nintendo Switch sales could be delayed due to the “high starting price and the absence of strong launch titles.”

“Asking $300 for a new console without a bundled game is a comparatively higher barrier to entry for consumers, considering that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are already discounted and come with a free game.”

For now we do not have the projections of sale of Nintendo, although the company promised that it would send 2 million units to the stores of the world during the month of March.