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Super Smash Bros. Update 1.06 download available soon

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Super Smash Bros soon will be getting some new updates with many bug fixes and additional content. Till yet the full information about the updates content is not released. There might be some time for the final release. For the time being an Update 1.06 is going to be out in the market which is going to bring many extra features and benefits. It is being promised by the game developer that Super Smash Bros is going to get a lot of upgrades this year. There are many upcoming plans which are not yet finalized. In an update video we notice that this upgrades is going to add a new character Ballot in the game.

After the updates there are new DLC on the way. This new DLC are going to add many characters with new fighting arena. Also this DLC might feature a character from Pokémon. Players can use these characters to win the game. The first DLC which is MewTwo will be coming on April 28. These DLC ads MewTwo Pokémon on the game and after that you might also get Lucas from Mother 3. It is intend to release after two months of above release.

New DLC and updates means more customization, more upgrades and new costumes. The first patch which is Update 1.06 has some upgrades also. It is going to add many new features in the customization part. This customization adds the list of new costumers. You can select one as per your need. With the new upgrades, the patch is also going to benefit the game performance. It is going to add more sharing functions. You can share characters, stages, photos, etc with your friends after applying this patch.