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Super Smash Bros Patch 1.1.0 download available now

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Super Smash Bros gets a new patch with some fixes and changes. The Patch version is 1.1.0. This new patch offers some fixes and with that there is also a downloadable content in the game. A new thing that came about the patch is that it is going to add KK Slider Mii costume in the game. It will also bring some new features that will offer you to simply upload the game replay directly on the YouTube from the game inside. And in the Tournament mode also you get an option to create a player. You can use that and can participate on other online games.

Super Smash Bros Screenshot
Super Smash Bros Screenshot

For those who do not have the patch can go with different Mii Outfits that costs around $0.75 for each costumes. And if you want the same on the Wii U and 3DS version then you have to pay around $1.15 for each item. And there is also bundle available if you want go for the entire pack that will cost you around $6 for other systems and $9 for the Wii U and 3DS bundle. The costume set gives you a variety of things that you can go for. The costumes that we are talking about are Peach’s Castle (N64), Hyrule Castle (N64), Stage music, Bear Hat, King K. Rool Hat, Flying Man Hat, Chrom Wig, Black Knight Helm, Lloyd Wig, Samus’s Helmet, Hoodie (All), Bear Suit (Gunner), King K. Rool Outfit (Brawler), Flying Man Outfit (Brawler), Chrom Outfit (Swordfighter), Black Knight’s Armor (Swordfighter), Lloyd Outfit (Swordfighter), Samus’s Armor (Gunner). This is on the player’s choice whether they want to go for a single costume or for the entire bundle. You can find details related to the new content on the official site on the game store here.