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Super Smash Bros Lucas DLC available for download on June 14

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This week Super Smash Bros will be getting Lucas DLC. This will be released for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS platform. The date set for the release is June 14.

Super Smash Bros is quite a popular game on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The game was released at the end quarter of last year and after long time we are hearing some new content. This time Lucas will be joining the game. An official post is announced on the Twitter account of Nintendo on this DLC. Lucas appears first in Mother 3. It replicates a small boy.

As per the announcement, Lucas DLC will be available on purchase. You can buy that from the Nintendo shop. Just before this Mewtwo DLC was released on 04/28/2015. The cost of this DLC is $3.99 for 3DS and Wii U. And if you are buying for both then you have to pay $4.99. This DLC introduced Mega Mewtwo Y in the game and now through Lucas DLC, Lucas will be the playable character. The cost of this DLC is same as above.

You can follow this link that will give you details of all DLC that are released and that are going to come out for Super Mario Bros. The link also provides information on the content it is going to provide with its cost. Most of the DLC that we had seen brings new characters or outfits in the game. I think right now players need a new story or a level that can give a new taste to the gameplay.