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Super Meat Boy Forever Dev: Nintendo Currently Supports More Indies Than Sony


It is not a secret that Nintendo Switch has become the new home of the independent scene and more and more studios are deciding to take their proposals to the new console of Nintendo. An important part of this achievement has been thanks to the ease with which they can work on Switch and Tommy Refenes, co-creator of Super Meat Boy, highlighted the role that Nintendo currently plays in favor of the indie studios.

In an interview published by GameInformer, Tommy Refenes, co-creator of Super Meat Boy talked about his experience in developing for Switch and how easy it is to work with the Nintendo platform unlike previous generations since the tools of development of Wii and Wii U were not so user-friendly.

In that sense, Refenes stated the following: “I ported [Super Meat Boy Forever] in like two days – from nothing to working in two days. Microsoft used to always be the people with the crazy good tools because they make Windows, so of course they’re going to have good stuff, but Switch’s tools… I’m legitimately surprised by how well-thought-out everything was.”

On the other hand, the creative assured that Nintendo is currently a great promoter of indies and in that area has already surpassed Sony: “It used to be Sony was the one that was pushing the indie devs so much. I think Nintendo is pushing harder than Sony is now. […] I think right now they’re just offering more exposure.”

Super Meat Boy Forever will arrive on Nintendo Switch next year.