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Super Meat Boy Forever could arrive on Nintendo Switch?

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Team Meat has published on Twitter the new official logo of Super Meat Boy Forever, new game of the studio coming in the next months. Some users have started to seek guidance regarding target platforms, wondering if the game is destined to arrive on Nintendo Switch.

A few hours ago the official Twitter profile of Super Meat Boy has recently changed its image of official cover using the official logo of the next title in the series, which has attracted the curiosity of some users, including one in particular who asked if Super Meat Boy Forever will arrive on the Nintendo Switch.

In response, the developers have responded that the platforms on which we will see Super Meat Boy Forever will be announced soon and that the Switch owners may not be disappointed.

Not a real confirmation therefore, though certainly the possibility that Super Meat Boy Forever can get to the new home console of Kyoto are very high.

At the moment we will have to wait a bit to know the other platforms on which the title of the new Team Meat will arrive, and if finally Nintendo Switch is one of them.

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