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Super Mario Sunshine HD and Super Mario Galaxy 3 could come to Nintendo Switch

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The IMDb profile of Charles Martinet has recently been updated with two new titles: according to reports, the actor and voice actor would be currently working not only on the previously announced Mario Sports Superstars but also on Super Mario Sunshine HD and Super Mario Galaxy 3.


The voice that gives life to Mario and Luigi, Charles Martinet, has published some information in his IMDb page about Nintendo Switch and two Super Mario titles. Some of these have already been unveiled by Nintendo, such as Mario Sports Superstar, while others are still in post-production, such as Super Mario Galaxy 3.

The latter, according to the table provided by Martinet, is therefore currently in its final stages of development, and one would assume that it will arrive on Nintendo Switch.

The two items in question have been removed from the page, but a screenshot was saved by various media: Super Mario Galaxy 3 would be in pre-production for Wii U and Super Mario Sunshine HD could come out in 2017 on Switch.

But decidedly, it appears unlikely that the launch of Mario Galaxy 3 is scheduled for 2016, as reported in the curriculum, the assumption is that the information given is outdated and that the plans about it have changed, or whether it’s a fake.

We just have to wait for any official announcements, as we know a new 3D Mario is in development for Switch, the title, however, was not disclosed.

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