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Super Mario Run’s free gift now available

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In case you did not hear, Super Mario Run reached 50 million downloads in its first week, and so, Nintendo is giving away 10 Rally Tickets for Toad Rally mode. “We hope everyone will enjoy the fun of the Toad Rally,” the company said on this day.

The Rally Tickets were announced on December 23, when Nintendo confirmed the 50 million downloads. Now, from this moment you will find these gifts at the start of Super Mario Run.

If you have any doubts about the title, let us tell you that it is a free-to-start term used by Nintendo for games that allow you to play the first levels, then you have to unlock it for a specific amount. In this case, you can download Super Mario Run free and play the first 3 levels, and if you want to move forward, must pay $9.99 USD to get the full game.

Super Mario Run is available for iPhone and iPad, but do not be sad, because sometime in 2017 it also debuting on Android devices. By the way, Nintendo expects to launch 3 mobile games per year, so soon we will see the company’s new games as well.

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