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Super Mario Run will not have microtransactions

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Now that Super Mario Run is close to its release, Nintendo has come to clarify all doubts regarding its new mobile game, and one of the most important issues it has dealt with is the microtransactions.

Previously, the company had announced that Super Mario Run would not be free-to-play, but free-to-start. Today, they have reaffirmed this by explaining that the game will not include microtransactions, and rather have 24 levels in total, but only the first 4 are free.

In other words, it is not an infinite degree where you can spend money without limit. By contrast, Super Mario Run will no more have the unique option of paying $10 USD for the full set and, from then on, players will have access to all content.

Speaking of content, Nintendo said that this title will provide some level of replayability. Specifically, in addition to the main mode, Super Mario Run will include the following elements:

1. Online scoreboards.
2. Toad Rally: mode with time limit and variations in levels.
3. Kingdom Builder: mode that allows to unlock other characters (Toads, Yoshi and Luigi).

Super Mario Run will debut on December 15 on iOS devices at $9.99 USD.

If you have not seen, we invite you to check the spectacular trailer for Super Mario Run that Nintendo released yesterday night below.