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Super Mario Odyssey Becomes Second Best-Selling Game of The Year on Amazon, Surpasses Breath of the Wild in Sales

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Today is a very important day for all Nintendo fans and in general for the industry and gamers, as Super Mario Odyssey will release worldwide today.

Although there are only a few hours left for the official launch, the new title of Nintendo is already a success and thus has become one of the second best selling products of the year related to video games at Amazon.

The expectation for Super Mario Odyssey is enormous and the players did not miss the opportunity to pre-order their copy for Nintendo Switch in different places, Amazon one of them. That’s why Mario’s new adventure is already part of the list of best selling products of the year related to video games.

Leaving aside the first 3 places that correspond to cards for PS Store, the next 3 places are occupied by video games and in that sense, Super Mario Odyssey was placed as the second best-selling game of the year on Amazon even though it has not gone on sale.

Curiously, there are 3 Nintendo titles that are in this privileged position, so the new great title for Nintendo Switch has already surpassed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and is waiting to debut to beat Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Super Mario Odyssey will arrive today on Nintendo Switch.