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Super Mario Odyssey Balloon Hunting Mode Destroyed By Cheaters

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Super Mario Odyssey new update was planned to introduce Luigi in the game and a new mode called as Balloon Hunting Mode. There were two things a player can do in this, first, they have to conceal a balloon in 30 seconds while in other they have to find a balloon hidden by other players within a time limit. But as usual, some gamers are pretty smart to find some glitch and take benefit from the same causing other players to get agitated during the game.

According to a tweet by TristanACooper, it is possible to hide a balloon in a location where no one can reach. This can be a cheat or glitch but it is definitely hurting the game fun. By finding the balloon gamers can earn a decent amount of coins. But the glitch lets some players make the balloon almost invisible so that participants cannot locate it easily.

This makes the game onside, anyone who is capable of hiding the balloon by passing through walls or at an unreachable place, the other player cannot take it. This is possible by the exploits of game environment where some places did not work as they have to. You can possibly pass through a wall or reach a place which looks like a dead end.

Below is the full tweet with a video that explains the glitch. Hope in coming to time Nintendo can simply fix this, the Balloon mode is pretty impressive and a lot of players is having fun in playing it.