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Super Mario Odyssey 1 Million Copies Sold in Japan, Nintendo Switch To Almost 3 Million

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According to data released by Famitsu, Super Mario Odyssey sold 1,055,806 copies in Japan since its launch on October 27th. The figure in question does not include digital purchases made on the Nintendo eShop but includes bundled copies and download cards.

Famitsu also reports that Switch hardware sales have reached 2,988,399 units sold in Japan since its launch on March 3. Last week the console of Nintendo sold 230,000 units, clearly separating the competition.

These are important numbers, much higher than those recorded by Wii U as for comparison, the number of Wii U units sold in Japan is currently 3.3 million. Sony, with it’s PlayStation 4, launched in February 2014, reached 5.7 million.

Nintendo recently declared that, among all of its consoles, Switch was the one that sold the most during the launch phase. The reference period is that of the weekend between Friday, March 3, 2017, the official release date, and the following Sunday.

The Switch is not yet one year old, but in the latest official report, Nintendo boasted that Switch had reached 10 million units shipped worldwide. Nintendo Switch is on track to beat Wii U sales in just 365 days. The sales of the console, to date, are certainly more positive than Nintendo could ever expect.

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