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Super Mario Maker 2 “Storm Area 51” Level Deleted by Nintendo Due To Controversy

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As you probably know, a new Facebook “event” has recently been born in the United States, which wants to organize an attack on Area 51, the Nevada military base, which has always been linked to extraterrestrial beings. Obviously, everything was born as a joke. The issue has also reached the American newscasts, as you can see a little below in the tweet, but it did not stop there: even the title of Super Mario Maker 2 has been “influenced” by this event.

In fact, a player created a level called “Storm Area 51” in Super Mario Maker 2 (the official name of the Facebook event). The purpose of the creation was purely goliardic, but Nintendo decided to delete it because it contained “inappropriate and dangerous elements.”

The creator, this “zach2thefuture” has also seen himself remove all badget and Maker Points. The user tried to contact Nintendo, explaining that his creation in no way wanted to push people to attack Area 51, but for now, he does not seem to have received any response.

This type of censorship is perhaps a bit extreme, but perfectly understandable: a company like Nintendo certainly does not want to be associated with an event of this type.

And what about you? Are you playing Super Mario Maker 2? Have you created some nice levels in it? Tell us in the comments below.

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