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Super Mario Games That Were Canceled & We Want Back

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Super Mario is the representative of video games, an icon that has become the symbol of an industry. The success of the Mustached Plumber is undeniable and his games have become bestsellers, loved and respected by the vast majority of the public.

However, Nintendo has not been able to produce all the titles that it would have wanted for the plumber. Whether for one reason or another, the Japanese company has had to cancel more than one Super Mario game that we want to see again on the new platforms of Nintendo Switch.

Here are some of these games that never saw the light. Some of Super Mario’s failed projects date back many years, including  Super Mario 64 2 or Super Mario 128, so the retro atmosphere will accompany us during this report.

Super Mario 64 2:

The sequel to the acclaimed and popular Super Mario 64 was never released to the public. Its cancellation occurred in 1999 because the game was intended for the unpopular Nintendo’s 64DD platform. The few advances of the console frustrated the launch of this title.

Super Mario 64

There is only one level of the game and it has never been shown to the public. However, Nintendo has recognized that the advances they were thinking of including in this game, ended up arriving in future installments such as Super Mario 64 DS or Super Mario Sunshine.

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Super Mario Spikers:

Super Mario Spikers is a canceled game in the saga that was going to have a sports theme. The game proposed a mix of volleyball and wrestling matches. It was being developed by Next Level Games for Wii.

Super Mario Spikers

The game was raised only with the theme of volleyball, but the company experimented with the possibility of adding combats. Nintendo was not very enthusiastic about the idea and ended up canceling the project. Without a doubt, this would have been worth seeing.

Super Mario’s Wacky Worlds:

Super Mario’s Wacky Worlds was the planned sequel to Super Mario World. The game was designed for the CD-I system. However, this system failed resoundingly and the game never came to light. In the beginning, it was developed by Nova Logic.

Super Mario's Wacky Worlds

Little is known about this project. The first levels were in a world of Greek themes, so it is speculated that Mario would travel through different artistic styles of the history of mankind. The game received great support from Nintendo until CD-I sales declined dramatically.

Mario Land (Virtual Boy):

Mario Land (Virtual Boy)

This game was a Nintendo experiment for the virtual reality console, Virtual Boy. The game would alternate two-dimensional levels of lateral displacement with phases in three dimensions. It is only a demonstration presented in Las Vegas in 1995. The game did not succeed because of the loss of faith in the console. Although not many details are known about the game’s plot, Wario was one of the villains of the title. Mario’s antagonist briefly left within the playable demo.

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Super Mario 128:

Super Mario 128 was going to be another supposed sequel to Super Mario 64. Unfortunately, it didn’t premiere either and was canceled. Originally it was going to be presented at E3 of 2001, but it was never announced. There were rumors that assured that the game would be presented in 2005 and 2015, but that announcement did not occur either.

Super Mario 128

The project ended up being the basis for the technologies of several GameCube and Wii games such as Pikmin, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime and Super Mario Sunshine.

Super Mario FX:

Super Mario FX

Super Mario FX was planned to be released for Super Nintendo. The game would have 3D graphics based on games like Star Fox. Only rumors were heard about this game, that fueled the hopes of many fans. According to reports, Miyamoto maintained confidence in this project. Unfortunately, Super Mario FX could never be enjoyed.

So far, these are the list of Mario games that never became a reality. Do you believe that we could get such titles on the new hybrid console of Nintendo Switch? Of all of them, which one would you most like to have been able to play?