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Super Bomberman R Launch Trailer Released

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Super Bomberman R is now available on Nintendo Switch, and for the occasion, the publisher Konami has released the launch trailer of the game, which marks the return of Bomberman on the screens after a few years of absence.

Konami has released the launch trailer of Super Bomberman R, title now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

In Super Bomberman R, the basic rules remain the same: while controlling the main character, Bomberman, you place bombs and battle with enemies and rivals. The style, however, was completely revised in a modern way, with the introduction of 3D levels and photorealistic graphics. In addition, you can take players around the world.

There is a battle mode for up to 8 players and a story mode for single player, but it also supports co-operative gameplay for two players, where players complete 50 levels including one after another. In addition, there is a new rule which states that to complete a level it is not enough to eliminate enemies. This simple yet strategic game, with new rules and 3D layers, guarantees a suitable entertainment for everyone, from children to adults.

Super Bomberman R is one of the launch games for Nintendo Switch, the first votes do not seem to be particularly positive and the decision to sell at a full price of the title has disappointed much of the public.

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