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Super Bomberman R Game Cartridge and Box pics for Nintendo Switch leaked

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As the launch of Nintendo Switch approaches, and with the worldwide distribution of the console and its games, more details of the packages and the physical aspects of the titles have come to light. Now, thanks to a post on NeoGAF, we can take a look at the box and game cartridge of Super Bomberman R.

The boxes of Nintendo Switch games are now known to most people, but what about the small cartridge inside them? Today, thanks to a post appearing on the NeoGAF forums that are always very active, we could see for the first time an open copy of Super Bomberman R, one of the most anticipated titles by gamers for Nintendo Switch console.

The images were first placed on Twitter, but were deleted due to a report and now it is circulating on various internet sites. Something very interesting about the box in which this game comes is the interior art of the deck, which is observed when you open the packaging.

In this case it is noteworthy that no game manual is included. We can also give another look at the size of the cartridges, which are really small.

Super Bomberman R is part of the games that will be available for Nintendo Switch at the time of launch, in the next month on March 3.

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