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Sunset Overdrive for PC Rated by ESRB in US

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ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Boards) has rated in the past few hours Sunset Overdrive for PC, a version that returns to the spotlight after a first sighting occurred in May in Korea.

Sunset Overdrive was released in October 2014 on Xbox One enjoying a good success with the public and critics, since then there is a persistent talk of a port for PC, however Insomniac and Microsoft Game Studios have never confirmed the arrival of the game on the Windows platform, despite numerous leaks and assessments by various international bodies.

In recent months there has also been a talk of the possible existence of Sunset Overdrive 2: Insomniac Games has denied being at the helm of development but this does not mean that the Redmond house could not have instructed a different studio to develop the sequel of the game.

Sunset Overdrive is an action-adventure developed by Insomniac Games and at the moment it has not been announced on other systems. In addition, it had been denied that an update was planned to take advantage of Xbox One X because it was a project with an old code. The game license belongs to Insomniac.

At the moment, in any case, it is only a rumor that we invite you to take with due precautions.