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Sunset Overdrive Listed on Steam Database for PC

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Sunset Overdrive is one of the most treasured titles for Xbox One users and the most coveted by PC users. Although all parties involved in the creation of the title have stated that they would like the game to release on PC, nothing had been materialized yet. However, since May, information has been presented suggesting the arrival of the Insomniac game to PC, which was reinforced days ago by a classification of the ESRB and today by the Steam database.

A few moments ago, the Steam database reflected information related to Sunset Overdrive, specifically with the, until now, unknown application 847370, which includes the cover and the name of the exclusive title of Insomniac Games for Xbox One.

According to the information of the database of the platform, the most recent record of activity related to the application happened a few hours ago, creating the notification number 5340572.

Like all information of this type, Steam made it clear to users that the data related to the unknown application 847370 corresponds to content that was deleted or should not yet be made public.

So, it seems that Sunset Overdrive for PC is still not confirmed, although we will have to be on the lookout now as the data shows an advanced process.

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