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Summary of The Poem The Ball: CBSE Class 10 English

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The name of the poem is the ball. The writer of the poetry is John Berryman. The poem is available in the textbook of class 10. The poem is all about who has lost his ball. The boy gives a powerful, life-changing speech in this poem. That can change everyone’s perception. Here we will know the Summary of the poem the ball.

All the people must learn 

how a person’s pain associated with loss. The poet is trying to indicate in summary that one day the boy is playing with the ball in front of his house. But all of a sudden, the ball loses control and jump from his hand. The boy looking for his ball and finds out that the ball was on the water. For falling in the water, the boy becomes very sad. He knows he may have found a new ball, but it will not be the same as this one. The ball has a lot of memory attached to the boy. The poet wants to summarize the ball poem in general terms of life.

When a human lost a thing, it cannot replace it with the other same thing. This is the summary of the whole thing. The outline of the ball poem indicates if a person loses something can replace easily. But what about if a person loses his or her close one. Can it ever be replaced? As long as people are living in this world, they have to see a lot of things. Have to feel both happiness and pain. So we have to learn how to handle losses.


The ball poem summary

The poem is about a boy. The boy loses his ball and how it relates to our life. It’s a message of how we lose things that we love and to move on with that. The boy is at his young age, and for the first time, he feels what the meaning of losing things is. Things that the boy love, like the ball. He keeps the ball for a long time with him.

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All of a sudden, he lost it in a waterfall. Just a minor mistake, and the thing he loves most is lost forever. He plays a lot with that ball. It may be his first ball, and now it is gone. Money can buy a new ball for him, but it cannot replace the same feelings as the lost ball.

The ball summarizes this if a person loses their loving one and might never replace it with another. We all lose our loving one someday and sometimes. This feeling is excruciating. There is a quote that one may never forget his or her past because there were memories behind it. Memories like happy memory.. the boys sit beside the waterfall and thinking over the past. That he spent a good time with it. People also remember those whom they lost and thought if somehow they can save their loving ones.

About the young days of the boy in the ball poet

Young days are very innocent. The ball poem summarizes that the boy was so happy and clear with the ball. No one is forcing at that time to do anything, to fulfill any responsibilities or duty. But time flies so fast. But sometimes, people are just forced to take the innocent of overgrowing and competing with the world. When we grow up, there was no innocence left. It can never come back.

 All this happens in everyone’s life, but still, people learn how to stand up in so many difficulties. People need to be strong in their life. It is the most untold truth. They need to keep their sadness inside. If they show it to others, they can misuse it. So we must know how to stand for ourselves and let it go.

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The ball poem summarized what a person feels in their overall life, from success to failure. From failure to success, from success to failure. The joy of having the things beside us and losing the people that we love most. The boys simply losing a ball summarized our whole life in a nutshell.

A different person can have another point of view about the poem. So they can summarize the ball poem in their own way. Suppose people are thinking from a literal point of view. So, in that case, a boy lost his ball and learned a lesson about having and losing things. It will help the boy to make him strong in future. He can easily understand what is the pain behind losing things. If we think metaphorically, we can know the ball poem summarized the story of every mankind that the loss of their beloved ones.

Conclusion of the Summary of the poem the ball

The poem successfully describes that how a boy feels about the losing ball. The writer also easily narrate how the thing is related to all mankind. Losing a ball is connected to the loss of a person it’s easily summarized in the ball poem.