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Suda51 Is Making Preparation for E3 2019, Hints at No More Heroes 3 Announcement?

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Among the many developers and studios who are getting ready to make their presence at the E3 2019, it is time for Goichi Suda (famously known as Suda51), who could show once and for all the most anticipated title of No More Heroes 3.

There is a series of images on his Twitter profile that anticipates an announcement and it is relatively difficult to speculate what it is all about. It is believed that his new profile picture is the son of Travis, who is spoken of in Travis Strikes Again and that the image shown in the Twitter below is one of the aliens that are supposed to invade the Earth in No More Heroes 3.

Every new announcement of Suda51 is really expected by a whole legion of addicts to the strange worlds that he has created throughout his career and specifically, there is a lot of love for the license of No More Heroes. Check out his cryptic Tweet below.

If there is a franchise that best represents the spirit of Suda51, that is undoubtedly No More Heroes. We met Travis Touchdown on the Nintendo Wii for the first time with a first installment that exuded charisma and personality from all sides.

Soon its sequel was launched, No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, which expanded everything seen in the previous game with new options and bosses, but unfortunately did not achieve great commercial success because of the censorship suffered in some countries. The saga seemed to have completely disappeared from the creative mind.

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However, the return of Travis with No More Heroes 3 can be a reality due to the enthusiasm that Suda51 gives off with the development of video games on Nintendo Switch. The author considers that the hybrid console of the Big N is the most versatile platform to produce his crazy works.

Let’s remember that Travis Strikes Back: No More Heroes premiered at the beginning of this year and served as a launching pad for a wave of crazy ideas that aimed to experiment with the franchise. Now is a perfect opportunity to present the third installment of No More Heroes.