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Suda51 Confirms No More Heroes 3 Is Already 50% Complete

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No More Heroes 3 is one of the most anticipated exclusives of Nintendo Switch since the franchise to which it belongs was considered “cult” on Wii. His creative, Suda51, has attended these days the German fair of Gamescom 2019, and there he has given new details about the development, which is more advanced than we could have thought at first: currently, No More Heroes 3 is already 50% complete, according to the words of Suda51.

“- Rocky 3 is Suda’s inspiration for No More Heroes 3 for those who don’t know, Rocky gets older and fights increasingly stronger opponents Travis will take on Thanos-level opponents,” he states in a statement noted on ResetEra. As expected, they have heard the opinions of the most loyal fans of the brand, but they will try to surprise them so that the project is not what they expect, but even better. There will also be several characters back, including from No More Heroes: Tavis Strike.

On other projects, they explain that although they want to return to work with Lollipop Chainsaw, the conversations with Warner Bros., the editor, is not very promising. However, it is quite the opposite for Killer7, as Suda51 believes that everything is already told, but that the little that remains, could launch in the form of an “online” story. Finally, he has a wish: No More Heroes should have as many titles as Final Fantasy.

No More Heroes 3 will release in 2020 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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