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Suda51 is interested in doing a remake of Killer7

Killer7 is a cult classic that, unfortunately, has remained exclusive for the sixth generation of consoles. With the recent remakes of a couple of Grasshopper classics, many believe that it would be good if Killer7 was relaunched on current generation platforms and Suda51, the creative behind this project, thinks the same.

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Suda51 was questioned about the possibility that other Grasshopper games – such as Flower, Sun, and Rain and Killer7 – have remakes for current platforms. Although the creative could not give a definitive answer, he did show interest in that happening.

“Flower, Sun, and Rain specifically, there was a remake that’s out there [for Nintendo DS]. But maybe in the future, I’d like to see it come out to Steam or something like that – that’d be really cool. The thing about Killer7 is that, right now, it’s not easy to play that game anymore right now. That’s definitely something I’d like to maybe revisit and update,” the creative said.

Recall that this is not the first time Suda51 shows interest in bringing Killer7 back. During a panel at PAX West 2016, the creator said he would like a remastered version of Killer7, and said he would talk to Capcom, distributor of Killer7, about it.

In other news, currently Suda51 is focused on No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again, a new game that, for the moment, is an exclusive for Nintendo Switch. In addition, in recent months the creative has stood out for his participation in Let it Die and remakes of The Silver Case and The 25th Ward.

Killer7 came to GameCube and PlayStation 2 in July 2005.

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