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Styling the Cowboy Hat – How to Go About It?

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The wranglers and ranchers wear cowboy hat for several reasons. The hat provides them security, warmth and shade from the harsh elements. Sometimes, they also use the hat to wave at a fellow cattleman and at times to fan the fire. But what is your reason to sport a cowboy hat? It mostly because you want it to. And for that there is necessary in styling the  American hat makers correctly. 

You should select your style

Today, you will come across several types of cowboy hats. And you will certainly find the one that’s ideal for you. Go ahead and try out the multiple styles, like the cattleman, gambler or the derby variant. If we go back to history, you will find that John Stetson was not a cowboy. In fact, he was the son of a hatmaker and was from New Jersey and he arrived at the signature Stetson back in 1863. That means you also have the right to arrive at your best fit and search till you find it. 

The felt cowboy hats appear dressier. On the other hand, the straw hats are more apt for casual wear. You need to search for something which doesn’t overwhelm you. Make sure that hat complements the shape of your face. It is possible that you identify the correct hat for you by its buckle and other details such as a suede weave or the crystal embellishments. 

Move past the naysayers

You should never ask anyone else about purchasing a cowboy hat. They might not agree with your decision to purchasing this hat. They might share their opinions with you, which might discourage you from purchasing a hat. So, make sure that you choose to listen to suggestions that work in your favor. It is possible to purchase a hat without you going over the top. When you buy or wear a cowboy hat you exude confidence along with a rugged look. 

You should always start at the fundamentals

Make sure that you don’t wear the hat backwards. There are several hats that carry a small bow towards the inner lining and around its headband. You need to ensure that the bow is towards the back of the head and that it’s narrow in the front. The high point of your hat should be towards the front and the low point placed towards the back. Most people might not be able to identify the difference, but you will always know. 

Experiment the angles

There’s a way brims get interpreted when you wear a cowboy hat. Hence, ensure that you are certain about what you are indicating. For instance, a level brim suggests a straightforward attitude. If you tip the hat down over the eyes, it might create an element of mystery and seriousness. If you want you can tilt your hat towards the side to exude a casual confidence, however, you might want to be confident about it. You shouldn’t push the brim very far, until you want to exude a very friendly vibe. 

You have to dress tactically

If you don’t stay in Texas, then you certainly don’t want to overdo your hat. Make sure that you choose an outfit that matches with the hat. You will always get it right with a simple, plain white T-shirt. Also, if you feel like wearing boots, stay away from something which is overtly cowboy. Sweaters, solids, flannels and plaids look natural with this hat. 

And for the occasions which are slightly dressier, you might want to wear your hat along with a blazer to look smart. On the other hand, if you wish to pair it up with jeans, the best solution is to opt-in for a straight leg and not have any details that can detract from the focal point. Make sure you don’t go for jeans which have:

  • Flares
  • A skinny leg cut
  • Stone wash
  • Floods
  • Bleach stains
  • Low riders

You will know when you have a chance of overdressing. However, if you are following “less is more” style code, you won’t go wrong. You should always wear a single western-inspired attire a time. That way, your admirers will know what to appreciate first. However, if you are wearing the cowboy hat for the first time, you should avoid:

  • Chewing tobacco
  • Chaps
  • Fringe
  • Studs
  • Mullets
  • Dusters

If you want you can always add a statement belt to your outfit. However, when you add it to your cowboy hat, it might add to the competition. You should stay away from the buckles and blingy rodeo belts. Last but not least, you shouldn’t try and wear a bandana. It will ruin the essence of a cowboy hat. You should refrain from wearing it as a mask with your hat. 

These are some of the essential pointers that you should remember when you are wearing a cowboy hat, so that people can appreciate your style and persona.