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Study shows Nintendo Switch is more popular than Project Scorpio & PS4 Pro

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According to a recent study conducted in the United States on a sample of 2000 participants, Nintendo Switch is a more popular console than Project Scorpio of Microsoft and PlayStation 4 Pro from Sony.

New research has revealed that in the United States, people are more interested in having a Nintendo Switch than a PS4 Pro or a Scorpio Project.

The Nielsen Games 360 study shows that out of a total of 2,000 respondents, 16% are over the age of 13 and say they would probably buy the Switch, while 15% said the same about PS4 and 13% for Scorpio.

This survey is conducted annually in the United States to investigate how American gamers are feeling about gaming and what products they want to buy.

This trend also remained with members of the general population, with 12% of respondents interested in the Nintendo Switch, 11% eyeing the improved version of PS4 and 9% planning to purchase the new Microsoft console.

All the people surveyed were aged 13 years and above. As you can see in the images that we published above, 22% of the general public have heard about Nintendo Switch, 21% for PlayStation 4 Pro and only 11% for Xbox Scorpio. The balance remains unchanged restricting the sample only to players (ie, excluding the general public), statistics are reflected on purchase intentions.

Remaining in the American territory, other surveys have revealed that 42% of US gamers play on consoles, and that 15% of players prefer PS4 Pro compared to 13% of Xbox Scorpio.


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