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STUDY: Playing FPS titles causes brain damage

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Video games have always been the object of study of various types of research. The results obtained by the scientists have been varied, as some assert that this type of entertainment makes people more violent. On the other hand, there are also results that determine that video games affect our behavior in a positive way.

The University of Montreal recently conducted a new study, where it allegedly showed that playing FPS titles for long periods can cause brain damage. Thus, the Canadian institution determined that games like Killzone, Call of Duty and Borderlands can negatively affect the behavior of players, to the extent of generating memory loss, depression and schizophrenia.

The study was carried out with 100 participants, who were asked to play about 90 hours of any of the aforementioned titles. Subsequently, some tests were done on the study subjects. Thus, it was verified a significant affection in the brains of the players regarding the people who do not play any type of titles.

The researchers argued that FPS games activate the “autopilot” of the brain, which causes a gradual decrease in the size of the hippocampus. Also, participants were asked to play titles where they had to solve 3D puzzles. According to the scientists, the results were completely opposite as the players strengthened their hippocampus and all of their brain region.

Scientists from abroad have warned of the results of this study, so they asked to take the conclusions carefully. Especially because the study was conducted with a small and select group of people.

What do you think of the results of the University of Montreal? Do you think that video games can cause brain damage?