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Street Fighter V will receive Sport Costumes on July 25

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Today, under the San Diego Comic Con, Capcom announced that Street Fighter V will receive new sports outfits. Therefore, from July 25 there will be 3 new outfits for Laura, Ibuki and Rashid.

According to the studio, these 3 characters will receive sports outfits for being considered the most agile in Street Fighter V. The first we will see is Ibuki, who will have a full volleyball uniform with a smart watch and some sneakers.

Next, we have Laura, who will wear a soccer uniform of the Brazilian team. The fighter has some soccer cleats, knee pads, and socks. You can check how she looks in the image below.

Finally, we have Rashid, who will also wear a football uniform. Although the character is very similar to that of Laura, we can see that his wardrobe looks more comfortable and practical. You can judge for yourself by checking the picture below.

Each of these costumes will cost $3.99 USD, so you will have to spend about $12 USD to get all of them. The costumes will arrive on July 25, the same day Abigail will be available as a playable character.

According to Capcom, Abigail will be the biggest character in Street Fighter V, so you can expect a fighter who, while not very fast, can punch very powerfully. Also, the character has several grips that cause terror among its opponents. It is important to note that this character is a part of the $29.99 Character Pass, but can also be purchased separately with Fight Money.

Street Fighter V is available for PlayStation 4 and PC.