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Street Fighter V Trailer Reveals New Character Ibuki

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After the finals of Combo Breaker in Chicago, Capcom has unveiled the trailer for its new character named Ibuki.

Street Fighter V - Ibuki

Capcom has just rolled out the red carpet for the Ibuki fighter in Street Fighter V. Available now for PC and PlayStation 4 after downloading the latest update, this ninja was introduced for the first time in Street Fighter III: New Generation. This character uses the art of ninjutsu to defeat her opponents. Kicks, projectiles, dodges and speed best describes her fighting style. We must therefore love the precision and have good reflexes to master Ibuki.

Ibuki is the fourth of six planned additional character for Street Fighter V. The next will Juri (Street Fighter IV) and Urien (Street Fighter: 2nd Impact). No specific date has been announced about the availability of these other fighters. We do know that they will be made available by September 2016, or in July and August. The month of June will be reserved for a major update.

Remember, unlocking a character in Street Fighter V requires 600 Zenny ($6 USD) or 100000 Fight Money. In the first case, it’s simple: you disburse the real money to get what you want (microtransaction). In the second case, it is the gaining experience with the different characters you accumulate the currency of the game. You will have to play for a very long time before you can unlock a hero without payment since a level only gives you 1000 Fight Money. It is also possible to accumulate by winning online matches or playing story mode, which is completed in about ten minutes.