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You Will Have to Pay To Change Your ID in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

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There are times when selecting an ID to identify us online we do not think correctly about the name we will use, sometimes because we consider it irrelevant and at other times the names we want to use are already occupied. As in many other games, Street Fighter V gave us the opportunity to select an ID to identify us online and now with the arrival of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition there will be an opportunity to change it, of course, as long as you pay for it with real money or invest in the game time.

A few hours after the debut of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on PS4 and PC, a report suggests that Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will have the option to change ID in line with what we can start a new record and leave behind the record of past matches.

However, this will not be free and those users who want to change their ID to a new one will have to pay $9.99 USD. Of course, there is also the option to do so with the credits of the game and in that sense, the operation will require 200,000 FM (Fight Money), so you can decide the way forward.

With this action, Capcom wants to give a new air to the community of online users and put a barrier to anyone who has the idea of misusing a username.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will release today on PS4 and PC. The third season of the title will bring characters such as Sakura, Blanka, and Sagat. Take into account that all players can try the fighters at no additional cost for a limited time, from January 16 to 23. Later you will have to make an extra expense to continue playing with all the characters.

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Do you plan to acquire all the characters of the third season? Which one catches your attention? Tell us in the comments below.

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