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Street Fighter V New Content Discovered in Latest Patch

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With the release of the last update of Street Fighter V on Friday, which included among it some new features of the expected Story Mode and two new playable characters (Ibuki and Balrog), some users that have explored their files found some of the upcoming content that will hit the game.

Street Fighter V

There were some hidden files in the archives of the latest patch which has revealed that Street Fighter V is soon going to get more costumes and characters, but still no date has been revealed.

The videos allow us to see some new costumes for both the existing fighters and some others that are yet to come, such as Juri or Urien (for these two we can see even its Critical Arts and V-Trigger).

At the moment, we do not know when all these content update will eventually come to the game, although it is expected that the costumes will be paid again, while that the characters can get both as much of playing as real money.

Street Fighter V is now available for PC and PlayStation 4 and the Story Mode allows us to witness a cinematic mode in which we see so many videos between fights. Overcoming in each of its two difficulties will bring us much Fight Money (the currency is acquired by playing), 30,000 in Normal and 50,000 in Extra.