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Street Fighter V New Character Guile Arrives This Month, Check Reveal Trailer

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Guile will join the Street Fighter V fighters this month in April. He will come along with the game update of April, which will also bring a system to punish those who abandon matches in the middle.

Street Fighter V - Guile Character

The classic character who first appeared in Street Fighter II, will come with complete raised big hair and all his classical hits (“Sonic Boom”). Like the character of March, Alex, Guile is available for testing until the launch of the procurement system is available with real game money.

As expected, the new character will also come with its own history and a range of challenges to test your skills with this fighter. Players who purchased the Season Pass will also receive an additional costume for Guile, at no additional cost. According to Capcom, Guile retains his ability to dominate both the ground and air with his solid normal attacks and special moves, such as Sonic Boom and Somersault Kick.

The April update will also bring the air base of Guile as a DLC stage – it will cost 70,000 Fight Money and will be free for those who have the season pass of the game. In addition, we will have improvements in matchmaking and finally a system that punishes players who leave the game in the middle.

This system will reach players who have high churn rates, not allowing them to come into matchmaking. Street Fighter 5 is available since February 16 for PC and PlayStation 4.