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Street Fighter V Juri character arrives at the end of July 2016

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Juri will be the next addition to Street Fighter V, and will arrive later this month. Yoshinori Ono, producer of the game, made the announcement at EVO 2016.

Street Fighter V - Juri Character

At a panel held during the EVO 2016, Yoshinori Ono of Capcom has revealed that the next character will be added to the roster of the fighting game of Street Fighter V will be none other than Juri.

Thus, all holders of the game can perhaps look forward before at the end of July on a new update for this spanking game that will bring them the character of Juri.

This fighter who made her debut in Street Fighter IV can be tested briefly in the story mode – like Urien – included in the update of July 1, but not until next week when they can be used in other modes.

A work-in-progress version of Yuri is already playable in story mode of the title, however, the DLC will then bring the final version of the character in all game modes with it.

Capcom also announced at EVO 2016 event related with Capcom Pro Tour such as new clothes, a new scenario and other news. They may be acquired only for a limited time before it starts the final competition of the Capcom Pro Tour, the Capcom Cup 2016, in November.

The suits are priced at 5.99 euros each (one for Chun-Li and another for Cammy) and the stage is priced at 9.99 and is called Ring of Destiny.

Those who prefer can buy the complete package for 24.99 euros. With that carried are the three suits (Chun-Li, Cammy and additional undisclosed), the Ring of Destiny phase and, besides, also an exclusive color plus costumes of the 22 special characters of the Capcom Pro Tour event and two exclusive titles for players, “Capcom Cup 2016” and “Capcom Pro Tour 2016”.