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Street Fighter V DLC to be unlocked in-game for free

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Street Fighter V DLC is announced and it is found that this would be a kind of free update for the players. The DLC is going to bring a lot of new things and ample of great features for the game. Street Fighter V is all set to release next year around March 2016. The game will be coming on PS4 and PC. But with that the announcement of free DLC is anticipating. Capcom has announced that the DLCs will be unlockable one at a time when you are playing and progressing in this game. Also there will be more and more new characters coming up in future that will be released in the form of DLC making the game a bit more competitive. When the game is released it will come with around 16 characters. And later on there would be more balancing updates that will come in the free sections.

Street Fighter V Screenshot
Street Fighter V Screenshot

Also if you are willing to pay more you can get some new characters. On PlayStation blog here, Capcom has revealed the way to get the free DLC. For fighting games it is an essential part to have DLC so that gamers can get more and more new reason to play. Fighting games does not really have any kind of story or gameplots. Here character skills matters the most. And once you are done playing with all of them then you won’t have any other things to do. At this point a DLC is required. That includes new characters and lot of new skills that can make a bit more competition and add some exclusive interest.

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