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Street Fighter V confirms new character Akuma

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During the tournament of Red Bull Battleground, Capcom has revealed a video that confirms the inclusion of Akuma in Street Fighter V. It is the first of the characters announced for the second season.


Capcom is ready to start with the second wave of additional characters for Street Fighter V. Today in the framework of the final tournament of Red Bull Battleground, the company released a new teaser with which it has confirmed the identity of the next fighter who will join the title: neither more nor less than the dreaded Akuma.

The video does not show this fighter in action but his new stage, and it will be playable on PlayStation Experience during the 3 and 4 December. When this character will be available for purchase is still unknown.

Akuma, a classic character in the series, returns to the genre twice. Not only he will be in Street Fighter V but also be a part of the title of Tekken 7, and with a key role in history.

Fans have already been investigating and have concluded that the kanji, which is not the same as it was in other games, means “God above man.”

Interestingly, this kanji is the one who looked like Akuma in Capcom vs. SNK 2, which has generated several rumors and theories about how he played with the character in Street Fighter V.

Specifically, the most popular theory dictates that the V-Trigger of Akuma will be similar to Necalli, transforming the fighter in Shin Akuma.

While details were not given, it is expected that Akuma is the first of the second wave of the downloadable characters to be added to Street Fighter V throughout 2017.

Street Fighter V is available on PlayStation 4 and PC.