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Street Fighter V Beta playable again from August 28 to September 2, 2015

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Street Fighter V Beta was about to release in the month of June that was postponed due to certain reason. After that there was news whether the Beta edition will be released or not. Finally Capcom came back with news for Street Fighter V Beta edition that will be available from August 28 to September 2 this year. It is one of the most highly anticipated games that disappeared so instantly. But now you have a time of 5 days to test this game and checkout the new things in the same. Last time when the beta was released due to certain bugs and issues the game was not playable. And then it was revoked from the server and no details were provided when the next release was about to come. But now this is a kind of final news and we expect that this time Street Fighter V Beta is going to perform well without giving out much issue to players.

Street Fighter V Beta Screenshot
Street Fighter V Beta Screenshot

The games producers have mentioned that this time Street Fighter V will be working really well without giving out many issues. The Beta is not going to be complete any kind of perfect edition. There will be bugs and glitches in the same. But that is why the Beta edition is out so that gamers can test and report bugs to the developers. And on that basis the issues can be resolved.

To get Street Fighter V beta access you have to go on this link. Street Fighter V Beta will be provided to only those who had pre-ordered Street Fighter V game on PC. To get the same you have to get Beta Redemption keys. This will be provided to you via the Retailer from where you had pre-ordered this game. Once you receive the key you can add this in the Street Fighter V Beta Client and start playing the same.

Street Fighter V Beta characters are listed below:

  1. RYU
  2. CHUN-LI
  3. NASH
  4. BISON
  5. CAMMY
  7. KEN
  9. VEGA