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Street Fighter V Beta download available for PS4 on July 23 2015

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Beta edition of Street Fighter V is finally announced and this version will be provided on PS4 this month of July 23rd. That would be a long time still, but we can expect more new improved version of Street Fighter series that can offer a competitive edge over other fighting games.

Street Fighter V Images
Street Fighter V Images

The game is available on pre-order. You can still buy Street Fighter V from PSN. But if you want to test out the same then you have a chance to test the beta mode here. This beta mode does not really demand players to pre-order the game. Even if you had bought you will need to re-create an account or fill up your details for downloading the same. The beta mode will carry around 6 characters to fight with.

Once you are done with registration you will receive a Beta key in the email. And then from any retailer you can go ahead and get the game. Those who had pre-ordered the game do not have any privilege of getting the code through email or any alert as soon as the game is out. You will need to check on the store constantly for the game starting from July 20th.Once you have the game access on July 23rd, the game characters will be available to play. First there will be four characters available to fight. They are Charlie, Chun Li, Ryu and Bison. And then, after couple of days there will be two more characters Cammie and Birdie added in the same.

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