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Street Fighter V beta 1.2GB update download available now

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Street Fighter V will be coming up in the month of March 2016. But before that, to give a small taste of this game, the developer has provided its beta edition. Street Fighter V beta is out for PC and PS4. The game is available through Steam on PC for pre-order. It’s beta edition now finally gets a new update that is around 1.2GB in size and offers you pretty impressive benefits. There is one condition for those who want to test this beta edition. You have to pre-order the game first. This is the reason I think the developer is offering updates to give a stable gaming output to the players. The beta edition is a kind of public testing edition that would not offer the entire game, but some features that would be lot more enhanced in the final edition. On the official Twitter account, the game developer has confirmed that they are going to release an update for the game that will add more performance enhancement in the game.

Street Fighter V beta 1.02 Update Notes
Street Fighter V beta 1.02 Update Notes

Street Fighter V beta patch size is around 1.2GB that is quite high. The patch log is not yet revealed as it is not provided yet. A few things the patch is going to provide is a a lot more improved login process for the players. And another biggest thing the patch is going to add is Optimized Matchmaking Logic. There was certain issue before that puts the game on the offline mode. But it is found that this would be fixed soon offering players a lot more stable output.