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Rumor: Street Fighter 6 Could Be Announced At Evo 2019 Exclusively for PS4 & PS5

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Reports claim that Street Fighter 6 will initially be released for PS4 and PS5.

After the recent Electronic Expo Entertainment, where the big giants have been busy showing us the future of the panorama, here we will be accompanied by other similar events during the coming months. Surely the Gamescom and the TGS are the most “expected” by the masses, but a certain EVO 2019, or an event dedicated to the world of fighting games, should not be forgotten. On the occasion of this “fair” games like Street Fighter, Tekken, Soul Calibur and many others, will give a huge challenge to entertain.

However, during this year, Sony itself will sponsor several games of the lineup, thus imposing itself as one of the most important partners. However, the Japanese company would have implemented this approach, even to release some surprises, or rather to support it. According to several rumors, Sony itself would insistently mention a new game that will be announced during the event in question. Even if the news still seems to pay attention, it would seem that the colossus would like to focus on a possible sequel of two already known sagas.

Among the minds of the fans, theories have been unleashed that would see PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale Round 2 to be a concrete reality. However, knowing the lack of success of the very first chapter, the (logical) thought of many other fans would have led them to think that, the game in question so much coveted by Sony, would be Street Fighter 6. As you well know by now, the previous chapter remained an exclusive title for PS4, so even the exclusivity of this sixth chapter would not be so obvious.

If Sony (and Capcom) were to announce Street Fighter 6 during the EVO 2019, the world would certainly explode. Even more, it will make the fans scream, discovering that maybe the title will once again be an exclusive console for PS4 and, why not, also PS5.

We remind you that the EVO 2019 will be held from August 3rd to 4th!