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Street Fighter 5 Zangief Character Trailer

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After announcing the presence of Necalli, Mika and Rashid, Capcom stuffs again a cast in its flagship fighting game Street Fighter 5. This time, the sharp slip hairy chest are in the spotlight with the arrival of Zangief in the arena.

Street Fighter 5 Zangief Character
Street Fighter 5 Zangief Character

Capcom has confirmed the presence of Zangief in Street Fighter 5. Among the novelties of Zangief in Street Fighter 5, are its V-Skill, Iron Muscle, allowing it to absorb the damage from an attack and regain some percentage of life lost as a result. Namely, it can be done when you hit, but the damage is even if you do not keep beating him, he recovers.

As for its V-Trigger, Zangief lives up to his name “the red cyclone” as he spins with high speed and velocity, pulling the opponent in close. If the player taps the V-Trigger activation buttons, Zangief will quickly spin and pull in the opponent. If the player holds the V-Trigger activation buttons, Zangief will continue to spin and hit the opponent multiple times.

With Zangief unveiled, Street Fighter 5 has only three characters more to discover until the day of its release and there are still many mythical figures who would hate to stay out. It looks that some will not come in the first version of the game, we know how these things go in Capcom. Watch the Street Fighter 5’s Zangief reveal trailer below:

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