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Street Fighter 5 Third Beta playable again from December 17th to 20th this month

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The third beta phase of Street Fighter V will run from 17th to 20th December, according to information posted on the PlayStation Store.

The beta for Street Fighter V recently received a new update (1.06 version), which according to the website Event Hubs, seems to have been launched in preparation for the third beta. As you can see in the images below, the PlayStation Store informs that those who perform the game’s pre-booking may participate in the next beta phase, which takes place on the days listed above.

PlayStation Store
PlayStation Store

At the end of October 2015, the second beta test took place. It was also mentioned on the site Event Hubs that the update has different issues fixed and also the files download size would be 2.26GB. According to the website, the lucky ones who will be on the site San Francisco may fight with 15 characters unveiled, including Dhalsim.

Now we only have to wait for six other characters in the year following the launch of Street Fighter V on 16 February 2015 on PC and PS4 only.

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