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Street Fighter 5 Story Mode Available Later This Month

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Pending the arrival of the story mode of Street Fighter V which is scheduled for this June, Capcom has shared some details and a video showing several minutes of cut-scenes which is in the spotlight now.

Street Fighter 5

Available for several months, Street Fighter 5 continues to enrich new content via updates. The next major patch that fans of the Capcom title are waiting for proves to be the Story mode.

Remember, it will enjoy a scripted single player mode, involving several characters from the roster of the game. Pending its planned power launch in June 2016, you can check out a video below that shows several cut-scenes of this game mode.

The publisher has recently published a post on its official blog, noting that this part of the game will be titled A Shadow Falls and will consist of 5 chapters for a total of 3 to 4 hours of life. The scenario will oppose Shadowloo Organization and its leader M. Bison facing the World Warriors.

The progression of this game mode impose specific play with fighters, publisher seeking to offer a coherent story as protagonists involved. In addition, the Japanese company said that unpublished protagonists such as Balrog, Juri and Urien will also appear in this part of the game. Of course, playing the story mode, you earn the Fight Money to unlock other bonuses.

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